Wholesale Cutting Boards for

Laser Engravers

Wholesale hardwood cutting boards for laser engravers specializing in cutting board personalization.

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Our cutting boards are ideal for individual hobbyists who enjoy engraving.

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If you are looking for cutting boards to use as serving platters for deli and cheese, look no further.

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Award Suppliers

Small cutting boards can make an ideal award plaque.

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Our Wholesale Cutting Boards for Engravers include:

Sapele Cutting Boards

The unmatched luminosity and beautiful graining pattern of Sapele are enough to warm up d├ęcor of any kitchen. Being a part ...

Cherry Cutting Boards

Cherry is also one of the beautiful hardwoods used to manufacture cutting boards. Our Cherry cutting boards are characterize ...

Maple Cutting Boards

Aesthetically pleasing and offering elegant design, maple cutting boards have long been the frontrunner in hardwood cutting ...

Walnut Cutting Boards

When it comes to buying a cutting board for your kitchen, wood is arguably the best material to go for. While hardwood cutti ...

Hardwood Cutting Boards, Serving Platters and Signs For Engravers

Why Choose Us As a Supplier of Wholesale Cutting Boards?

We are a manufacturer and wholesaler of premium quality hardwood cutting boards, specializing in supplying emerging cutting board laser engraving industry in the United States and Canada. Our aim is to provide an affordable and high-quality cutting boards for use by, personalized cutting board engravers, award engravers, hobbyist and others interested in our cutting boards. We have attractive pricing, with the more you buy, the better price per board you receive.

We are currently adding more inventory to our wholesale line that will include more sizes of cutting boards, suitable as deli and cheese serving platters in restaurants, as well as chopping blocks and signs

We aim to be the number 1 supplier to laser engravers in United States and Canada, purchase today – you will not be disappointed.