The plant is hardy only to zone 5, with winter protection. For help identifying Panicle Hydrangeas, check out this link: Panicle Hydrangea Identification. Equipment / Tools. See more ideas about When to prune hydrangeas, Hydrangea care, Hydrangea garden. Whichever type of hydrangeas you have, the plant will benefit from removing dead stems every fall or early spring. Conflicting information that’s what the problem is. Tips for Success: Moist but well-drained soil (hydrangeas will not tolerate wet feet – ever!) It’s time to prune new wood hydrangeas, especially if your plants live in warm parts of the U.S. (zone 7 and up) and elsewhere. Jun 10, 2019 - Explore Edith Thomas's board "When to prune hydrangeas" on Pinterest. What this all comes down to is the one kind of hydrangea that needs your intervention: bigleaf hydrangea (macrophylla). Bigleaf hydrangeas (Hydrangea macrophylla cvs., USDA Hardiness Zones 6–9) Bigleaf hydrangeas (H. serrata cvs., Z 6–9) Oakleaf hydrangeas (H. quercifolia cvs., Z 5–9) Prune after the flowers start to fade in late summer. Watch Now: How to Prune Hydrangeas. Also called swamp snowball, it is hardy to zone 5 and though it prefers full sun, it can take some shade and still blossom well. Zone 5 – 9. Remove hanging stems. This interesting vine grows 6 to 8 feet high, with peeling red bark. 1:51. Panicle hydrangea grows best in USDA zones … Mophead and Lacecap Hydrangeas (Hydrangea macrophylla varieties, zones vary): Prune these hydrangeas in midsummer just after they bloom, if pruning is needed. Hardy to USDA zone 5; Bloom on old wood: do not prune, protect in winter ; Proven Winners ® varieties include: Gatsby ™ series Why isn't my hydrangea blooming? Oak-leaf hydrangeas are another North American native, having been discovered in Georgia in 1773. The Magic of Reblooming Hydrangeas. Your objective determines how you prune paniculatas. It blooms a little later than the other hydrangeas, beginning in August. Aug 10, 2019 - Explore Andy Crocker's board "When to prune hydrangeas" on Pinterest. Divided into U.S. Department of Agriculture's (USDA) Plant Hardiness Zones 3 and 4, gardeners in this state must choose plants that can withstand the harsh Minnesota winters. But first, let’s set the record straight about pruning in general and Mike’s Rule of Pruning”. Panicle Hydrangeas are very cold hardy and are a great choice for colder climates (zone 5 or less). When a Hydrangea blooms on ‘old wood’, it forms its flower buds shortly after blooms fade in summer. In short? Common varieties include ‘Snow Queen’ and ‘Alice.’ Climbing hydrangea (Hydrangea anomala). New hydrangea gardner here ... we live in the NC area Zone 7 I believe. Mountain hydrangeas are typically smaller and more compact than other mophead hydrangeas. I call it the troublemaker. However, there … Hydrangeas are extremely popular plants to have in your flower garden, and for good reason. Hydrangeas are also hardy, insect, and disease resistant, and versatile. This is a large family of plants, with several of them blooming at different times of the year. Cut these down to the ground. 14 Beautiful Hydrangea Varieties. Pruning Hydrangeas in Mild-Climate Zones. Oak-leaf hydrangea. They flower on second-year wood. When to Prune Hydrangeas. They grow and flower well in Zones 6 to 9, and sometimes with careful siting in Zone 5. If necessary, remedial pruning top-heavy climbing hydrangeas should be phased over two or three years rather than a hard prune in one session. Prune after blooming and into fall. Hydrangeas come in so many fantastic forms, seductive colors, and playful flower shapes that they’re one of the most useful plants with which to design all around the garden. Aug 27 2018. When pruning hydrangeas, knowing which type of hydrangea you have is key to knowing what time of year to prune it. How do I prune these as no idea to type of hydrangea. With their big displays of flowers that sometimes change color depending on the pH of the soil, they provide brightness and variety wherever they’re planted.But can you grow hydrangeas in zone 9 gardens? It has not grown over 10" in height. Hydrangeas are one of the most striking plants you can add to your landscape because they produce enormous and often colorful blooms. This species is hardy to Zone 5, so you can expect some dieback in harsher winters. To understand when to prune Hydrangeas, one must first know what type of Hydrangea they have.