ITP Mud Lite XTR Radial ATV Tires - ITP Mud Lite XTR ATV Tires are sold individually. 25x8-12 ITP Mud Lite AT Dirt Devil Gator Swamper Mud Bug 25x10-12 ITP Mud Lite AT Dirt Devil Gator Swamper ITP Mud Lite XTR Tread Pattern. If you're serious about off-roading, then you need the right off-road tires to match your enthusiasm. With a thirst for the worst conditions, its low-profile sidewall offers reduced flex and predictable handling during aggressive driving. We switched tires a few weeks back so i could try his. i have had the bighorns,zillas, and now the xtr. ITP XTR Mudlite Vs. ITP Blackwater Evolution. ITP Tires and Weights. Great ride and wear well. if you want to keep that smooth XP ride you will go with a radial tire. the zilla rides nowhere near as good as the horns or xtr do on the XP. I have the mudelite xtr in 27, there are very good tires,But on the asphalt they are not so good, my tip is the cst Behemoth in 27,These tires are the best all-rounder I have had, the mudlite in I will only use for mud and snow! As you can see from the sample picture above, this tire is featured with a high tread blocks or pattern that is more than an inch in height and a wide space between one block to another, measured around the size of a children palm which is good to make sure we can handle … - Get the profile, traction and the ride you deserve while giving up nothing. Steering is improved, as well as handling in the snow and ice. Save Share. - The next level in tire technology. I have mud lite, he has xtr's.My lites are worn out with 3000 miles on them. Overall, the ITP Mud Lite XL, ITP Mud Lite AT, and ITP Mud Lite XTR are all very highly rated, well-regarded tires with scores of enthused customers. Mud Lite XTR 5. Review by Lee on December 21st, 2020 Love these tires. Performance. Guide to ATV Mud Tire Reviews Offroad Tires for ATVs and Quads Offroad Pics Articles & Info Project CJ-7 ... ITP Mud Lite 27x9R-14 XTR: 6: ITP Mud Lite 27x11R-14 XTR: 6 . Itp Mud Lite Xtr Front Rear Tires. Have these on 2 vehicles. This revolutionary all-weather tire is designed to match the best mud/trail tire out there, and its six-ply tread with ¾â€ … Long-wearing tread compound; The 12-inch option is ideal for primarily muddy conditions, offering better flex and more flotation I have used them in the woods breaking trail, over logs, rocks, deep creeks, black mud and thick sticky red clay sand mud and they never let me down. His xtr's are still in great shape with 2300 miles. The ITP Mud Lite AT Mud Terrain ATV Tire 25×10-12 is one of the most preferred high-performance sport ATV tires with its unique center tread providing the ideal single-point radial-like ride. I have a 07 Kawasaki 650 and have run both the xtr and standard mud lite. - One of the most popular Radial Atv Tires on the market. While you can try to get by with tires that work well both on pavement and on dirt, your experience will be far better if you opt for true mud tires like the ITP Mud Lite XTR. Reply. They road better and hooked up alot better. The Mud Lite XTR is an extreme terrain radial tire. The XTR's are much better in my opinion.My brother-n-law had a tiwn 660, the only diff is the tires. If you do decide to run the blackwaters I want first dibs on the xtrs ... Go to the Rocky Mountain Atv website and you will be able to see reviews … 2009 850XP MOSSY OAK MODEL,ITP MUD LITE 2,DALTON CLUTCH KIT,BIG GUN EVO,WARN XT30. I would definitely recommend the xtr. Buy Now Become an insider. And the regular mud lites on 4wheeler. - Our ITP tires generally ship out within 1 business day! There will be, however, a trade off when it comes to the deeper mud holes in the spring and summer but nothing too noticeable. R.