Top Tips for Wood Cutting Board Care and Maintenance

May 13, 2018Blog

It is essential for a cook to take proper care of his kitchen essentials. If you take care of them they’ll likely take care of you. Just like everything else in life, the give and take relationship exists in this scenario as well. Hardwood cutting boards are an essential element of the kitchen and deserve proper care and maintenance. By doing so, we can ensure a long lasting life for our board. Proper maintenance of your wood cutting board provides a clean and germ-free cutting surface to prepare your food. Here are some important tips which can help you care and maintain your wood cutting board in an easier and effective manner.


Before using a new wooden cutting board, season it properly to avoid absorption of germs and odors. You can use food grade mineral oil for oiling your board as it is cheap, odorless, colorless, and easily absorbed by the wood. Warm the oil for few seconds before the application. Apply it with the help of a clean cloth in the direction of the wood grains and leave it for some time for absorption. After the oil is soaked use a dry cloth to clean the board.

Proper Cleansing

One must clean wooden cutting board immediately after the use, to avoid bacterial growth. Never clean the cutting board in dishwashers as it can possibly destroy its wood quality. Use warm water and a clean cloth to wipe it or place under warm running water. A small amount of soap can be used to rinse it properly.

Odor elimination

It becomes imperative to remove the smell of food items from your board. If not done, it can lead to mixing of odours which can ruin your food. To remove the lingering smells, use salt and lemon. Squeeze a cut lemon on the board to neutralize the smell. You can also use coarse salt or baking soda to solve the issue of bad odour.

Renewing the wood cutting board

The cutting board can be refurbished to its former glory with the help of sandpaper. Using sandpaper with fine grit can help you remove the knife marks which were accumulated on your board. After using sandpaper, clean the board and let it dry.


For the removal of any stains use a solution of baking soda, salt and water. This helps remove even the stubborn stains too. Your cutting board should be free from any permanent spots; this tip can help you achieve it.


Over a period of time, your cutting board will require re-oiling to prevent it from cracking up and for sealing against the harmful bacteria. You must re-oil your cutting board every two weeks or once a month. This care will make your wood cutting board resourceful for a longer span.

Proper use of a knife

To maintain the life of your cutting board use your knives efficiently. Use sharp knives so that minimal pressure is applied to your board.


Following these tips will surely add to the life of your hardwood cutting board and help maintain its elegance and beauty.