12X15″ Cherry Cutting Board

as low as $16.50

Rectangular Cherry Cutting Board with Juice Groove

Size: 15×12 inches

Thickness: 3/4 (0.75) inches

Rounded corners

Juice Groove



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 10-19  $19 each
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 60-99  $16.90 each
 100+  $16.50 each

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This cherry cutting board comes with the natural deep reddish to golden brown hues and smooth grain. The natural looks and beauty make for the perfect foundation for a handmade or laser engraved custom design. Made with fine end-grain, this cherry board is sturdy and remains stable when prepping vegetables and fruits.

Coming in at 12”x15”, this cherry cutting board is perfect for medium-sized kitchen duties and also has a reversible design for maximum practicality. It is finished with machined rounded corners and juice groove which makes handling of fluids easy while prepping food. It is 0.75” thick and offers a clean and minimal aesthetic.

Available in bulk options for wholesale customizers, hobbyists, award suppliers, and engravers.