Faithful Polish laity are calling for an "Act of consecration of Poland and ourselves to the Immaculate Heart of Mary" on March 25. Protect us from all harm. My dear mother, I place myself in your heart, I know you will care for me in all my needs. We may consecrate ourselves to the Immaculata in various ways and this consecration may be formulated in different words; indeed, a simple interior act of the will is sufficient, since in this is included the essence of our consecration … That is, although the act of consecration is ultimately addressed to God, it is an act that is made through Mary. To you we give our bodies, our hearts and our souls; to Act of Consecration for 25 March . Please see below the daily Novena Prayer and the Gospel for today. We, who make up the “Body of Christ” present in our What is Consecration to Mary. O Sorrowful and Immaculate Heart of Mary, pierced by the sword of sorrow propheised by Simeon, save us from degeneration, disaster and war. Please accept our consecration, dearest Mother, and use us as You wish to accomplish Your designs in the world. The MI Act of Consecration to Mary. I want to love Jesus, the Father, the Holy Spirit, and this world through your holy heart. PRAYER Click here to download the Act of Consecration for use on 25 March. Oh Immaculate Heart of Mary, I give you my heart. ACT OF CONSECRATION TO THE IMMACULATE HEART OF MARY We have recourse to your protection, O holy Mother of God.” As we recite the words of this antiphon with which the Church of Christ has prayed for centuries, we find ourselves today before you, our Mother, in this Year of Faith. O Sorrowful and Immaculate Heart of Mary, Queen of the Most Holy Rosary, and Queen of the World, rule over us, together with the Sacred Heart of Jesus Christ, Our King. As one prepares for unlimited Marian Consecration the number of days, per se, are not important but rather the disposition of one’s heart, seeking to reach into the very depths of oneself, as it were, to knowingly and willingly offer mind, heart and will to the Immaculate. The consecration can … Act of Consecration to the Immaculate Heart of Mary Archbishop Eamon Martin invites clergy and all the faithful to join with him at the 12.00 noon Angelus on the Feast of the Annunciation, Wednesday 25 March, in consecrating Ireland and her people to the Immaculate Heart of Mary … For wherever Thy enter, Thou obtain the grace of conversion and growth in holiness, since it is through Thy hands that all graces come to us from the most Sacred Heart of Jesus. We consecrate our being and our lives, all that we have, all that we love, all that we are. Daily Novena Prayer and Gospel . Prayer of Consecration of Ireland to the Immaculate Heart of Mary . Introduction. PORTUGAL, March 24, 2020 (LifeSiteNews) — Faced with the coronavirus crisis, the Church of Portugal will renew its consecration to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary … I want to love you. Consecration of a Family to the Immaculate Heart of Mary O Mary, Virgin Most Powerful and Mother of Mercy, Queen of Heaven and Refuge of Sinners, we consecrate ourselves to your Immaculate Heart. Mary, Immaculate Virgin, our Mother, Patroness of our land, we praise you and honor you and give our country and ourselves to your sorrowful and Immaculate Heart. Act of Consecration of Ireland to the Immaculate Heart of Mary for protection from the coronavirus 25th March 2020 in Events / Prayers by Editor This is the prayer of Consecration which Archbishop Eamon Martin asked all Parishes in Ireland to celebrate at 12 noon on the 25th March 2020. Act of Consecration to Mary Immaculate ... and thus help extend as far as possible the blessed kingdom of the most Sacred Heart of Jesus. Because of the strong analogy between Jesus and Mary, the consecration to Mary’s Immaculate Heart is closely linked to the consecration to Jesus’ Sacred Heart, although it is subordinate and dependent on it.