Cherry Cutting Boards

Cherry is also one of the beautiful hardwoods used to manufacture cutting boards. Our Cherry cutting boards are characterized by with deep reddish to golden brown heartwood grains making it an ideal wood to complement your kitchen décor. Although being a hardwood, cherry is durable but not as hard as Walnut or Maple. Thus, cherry hardwoods are prone to damages and wear on repeated use.

Compared to other hardwood cutting boards, extra caution needs to be taken care while using cutting boards made from Cherry as it can get damaged when in contact with water. Although a little maintenance-savvy, buying a cutting board crafted with the finest Cherry is worth your investment. Cherry is a very sturdy cutting surface and won’t move while you are chopping, dicing or slicing. A well-crafted cherry cutting board made from end grain will last for several years while embracing the beauty of your kitchen.

Switch to Cherry Cutting Boards!!

Cherry Cutting Boards can be customized to a great extent to enhance the beauty and functionality. These make a perfect gift for anniversaries, weddings, and many other occasions. They are fun, thoughtful and extremely useful. A well-engraved cutting board is sure to leave the recipient awestruck.

Available in multiple shapes and sizes, cherry cutting boards from The Cutting Boards are sure to enhance the look and feel of your kitchen countertop. We are leading manufacturers of cherry cutting boards and have years of experience providing the finest cutting boards to engravers.

If you are a laser engraver, we are happy to offer wholesale prices for orders in bulk quantities. Order now!!