4 Important Things to know about Hardwood Cutting Boards

March 27, 2018Blog

Cutting boards are the most indispensable kitchen essentials and are being considered as important as knives. These two must complement each other to get best results. Thus, choosing the right board is of utmost importance. For a novice cook, it is difficult to know which board he or she should use. Here, at The Cutting Boards, we provide the best quality hardwood cutting boards so that the experience of cooking can be made easy and comfortable. Which wood to use for your cutting board? This question crosses the minds of many young as well as experienced cooks while choosing a board for themselves. There are many answers to this question. But the one fact which remains true is that a good hardwood cutting board is like a blessing. Hence, it should be higher on your priority list. Here is a list of few important things which one should know regarding hardwood cutting boards.

  • Know the type of wood you want

Cutting boards are made from a variety of woods such as;

  • Maple
  • Cherry
  • Walnut
  • Sapele

Chose the type of wood you want according to your preference. At, The Cutting Boards, we house an extensive selection of hardwood cutting boards to complement your kitchen design. Maple is a good choice as it is highly durable and contains certain enzymes which inhibit bacterial growth. Cherry and walnut make beautiful and elegant cutting boards, this tends to make them a product of consumers choice. Sapele has become a very popular choice because of its beauty and luminosity. The wood of your choice and requirements must be chosen carefully, to give you a comforting environment in your kitchen.


  • Know your needs

It is essential to know what your requirements are for your cutting board. You must know if the board’s size is good enough for your kitchen counter. An oversized board can take unnecessary place and cause hindrance to your work. An undersized board can slow down your work; so knowing the right size becomes very important. Choose your board according to your cutting needs and in accordance with your knife quality. You should be clear about your requirements and preferences before making the purchase.


  • Protecting your hardwood cutting board

It is very important to protect your board to make it long lasting. Do not let your boards soak in water for hours; it can destroy the wood completely. Scrape off the bits of food attached to the board as soon as you finish using it. The best ways to clean your cutting board is by using a wet rag for immediate cleansing or soaking it in soapy water for few minutes and letting it dry. You can use salt to kill the bacteria in it. Regular oiling of the cutting board can be highly beneficial as it helps it remain shiny and brand new for a long time. Sanitize your board frequently to make it disinfected.


  • Avoid sliding

It is very irritating if your board keeps on sliding while you are working on it. Using a high quality, hardwood will ensure there’s enough weight to it, to prevent it from sliding. Use of damp paper towel can also help you avoid slipping if your board is without rubber edges. Sliding while chopping or cutting can be hazardous; therefore this point becomes a crucial one to avoid accidents in the kitchen.


These essential points can make you learn a great deal about your hardwood cutting boards and help you chose a product of your choice. And if you are looking for best quality boards at discounted prices, The Cutting Boards is the place for you. All your demands and needs can be easily sufficed here.